Executive Team Member

Dr. Charly Lemassi

Director, Strategy & Planning

Dr. Charly Lemassi is an Entrepreneur, a Trail-Blazer, a go-getter, Business Coach, and Mentor.

With a double competency in Financial markets Business management and strategy, Dr. Charly has served in many top international corporations in Europe and North- America Founder of Curlflippers Toronto, co-founder and Managing Director of Mooka consulting and Strategy, she is a Mastermind behind many successful Entrepreneurs and Corporations.

Dr. Charly is very passionate about empowering women and youth with knowledge skills, tools, and financial resources to become successful and great Leaders.

She believes that the key to unlocking prosperity in Africa and eradicating extreme poverty is to change African’s Mindsets and redefine their understanding of success and their relationship with Money. She also believes that Intra African trade with women and youths as key players will boost the socio-economic development of Africa.

Since October 2019 she has embarked on her journey to transform young African and African descent entrepreneurs through her Elevate and Lead Institute. A millionaire mindset incubator where through various tools and techniques she will help you to find your life purpose, redefine your goal, mission, and vision for a more fulfilled and blissful life.