Humanitarian Response

Today, more people than ever are in need of humanitarian assistance due to conflict and disaster. For nearly five decades, ACTDF has supported communities in crisis. Whether human-made, a natural disaster, or a disease outbreak, ACTDF rapidly meets basic needs, inspires resilience, and fosters self-sufficiency for those affected by crisis. As countries worldwide combat the spread of COVID-19, ACTDF is responding comprehensively to COVID-19 with public health interventions, humanitarian assistance to meet urgent needs, and socioeconomic rehabilitation and development programs, enabling those most affected around the globe to navigate the pandemic and rebuild their lives. The indirect impact of Covid-19 in the Nigeria will be even greater than the direct impact. The direct impact, as tragic as it is, affects those affected and their families. The indirect impact has economic and social consequences for vastly more people — with jobs lost, families hungry, domestic violence up, more children leaving school, and costs more over generations.