Social Enterprises

Social enterprises can close market gaps that limit opportunities for people living in extreme poverty. People living in very remote areas face market gaps that limit their ability to buy the essentials they need to run a business or sell the products they make. ACTDF’s social enterprises address these critical market gaps and enable people living in poverty to grow their businesses, boost their income, and become more self-reliant. We provide hardworking people living in poverty with the proven tools and support they need to create the best lives for themselves. We have served over 10 thousand people all over Nigeria with a particular focus on women and girls. We have disbursed micro-loans to over 7 thousand people. We up-skill youths, farmers, traders, small to medium scale local entrepreneurs. We have assisted over two thousand families lift themselves out of ultra-poverty. Our work moves the needle because it is effective, becomes self-sustaining, and builds opportunities that last